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If you facing problems while access to your lock of any kind, don’t hold back contact us anytime. At Lock&Roses we offer convenient mobile services to anyone in Sandiego who is facing problems in unlocking or locking themselves outside their car or house or anywhere. With our experience in locksmithing, you can trust us to retrieve your keys without any damage to your property. We can understand the stress of being locked out in an urgent situation which is why we focus on a speedy recovery. Call Lock&Roses in your emergency situation like this.

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First of all, We are a one stop Service. This means that no matter what you need you will never have to go to multiple places to get it. We have everything in one location. You may need services both for you home and your car, or your car and your business – and we can solve them both for you.

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Unlock the potential of security with our top-notch locks.

Modern Technology

Our Lock&Roses have certified locksmith team which ensures top-notch security for you

Certified Team

Feel secure with your place with high-tech modern lock technology